It’s Never Too Late

This blog entry is to the friends and family of survivors. I want you to know it’s never too late to support a survivor. There are so many reasons we may not have connected at the time. It took an incident such as this to for me to begin to identify the important people in my life. A new boyfriend I had started seeing broke up with me within the month after my gang rape saying, “it’s just too intense.” I lost a lot of my social network in the area I was living and lost people I thought were trusted colleagues on my job based on the circumstances and the differing reactions we had to the situation. I can’t say that I would have understood. Who can even surmise what a situation like this does to people and the things it calls up. There’s nothing one can really do to make things ok again. They just aren’t ok. They won’t ever be really. Everything is changed and it’s all different. I am different. But I want you to know who I am becoming.  I want to share with you my journey. I wanted to tell you . . .

It’s never too late . . . to be there.


It’s Never Too Late — 3 Comments

  1. This is so true, Julia. Because of your bravery in telling story, I’ve been able to share my own personal story of rape with others when I thought I’d never be able to talk about it. I am finding all kinds of different pathways of support now that I’ve been able to share. And finding out who will be there for me and who won’t has helped me with the healing process.

    I hope knowing who your supporters are is helping you heal. I know by sharing your journey, you’re helping more people that you even know. And although things will never be as they were, they will be new and different and helping you to become who you really are surrounded by people who care for you and love YOU for who you are.

    • i agree!!!!! also a victim of sexual abuse and multiple rapes–i too am finding comfort in julia and your reaching out to others..including me!! i have had the shame, embarrassment, harassment and pain for sooo many years…it’s a horrible feeling!!!!

      thank you for blessing us with reaching out to us 🙂

  2. Thanks for your hard earned wisdom once again, reminding us that even though we don’t know how to help, that somehow expressing our care and concern and love, however awkwardly, can be of some help. Wishing you grace for each day of the journey.

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